The life of a professional is not easy.  Being a professional means showing up every day.  In Commercial Real Estate we have to be there for our clients every day.  We are fortunate that we can plan our time and have the flexibility to take an afternoon off (for mental health and recharging.)  When business is good, it is easy to walk out the front door and fufill business for clients.  But what happens when clients are on hold?  Investors are pausing? Tenants are juggling WFH, Life / Work Balance, and uncertain revenue projections.

The professional’s magic potion:  Mindset.

I came across a timely article last week.  It’s about how Mikaela Shiffrin became Alpine skiing’s all-time greatest by overtaking Lindsey Vaughn.  And it all restarted when she had lunch with Roger Federer.  Check out the article here:

“He was saying, In order to preserve the longevity of your career, you need to take the moments to look around, appreciate where you are, breathe it in,” Shiffrin said. “As he (Federer) got more into the depths of his career, when it gets harder to kind of look up and around you and appreciate everything right in that moment, is when it’s the most important to do it.”

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