Offers are due for the acquisition of the former Sacramento Bee HQ on July 26.  Over the last month there have been over 30 tours of the site.  There are a variety of Buyer types evaluating the opportunity including Office, Mixed-use, CoWorking, Senior Housing, Medical, and Educational.  For more information, take a look at this:  Saramento Bee Information

End of an Era? Buffalo Brewing to the Sac Bee What’s next?

In 1890, Herman Grau starts Buffalo Brewing at 21st and Q streets, where The Sacramento Bee is now. His stockholders include several successful local brewers, including Frank Ruhstaller, Philip Scheld and Louis Nicolaus. It was the largest brewery constructed west of the Mississippi, with an initial capacity of 60,000 barrels annually.  The Brewery continued through 1945.  During Prohibition, Buffalo Brewing produced “soft drinks.”  

In 1897, Ruhstaller Brewing merged with Buffalo Brewing and in 1913, with the death of Adolph Heilbron, who ran Buffalo Brewing, Frank Ruhstaller Jr. took over as president.  For a little more history about Sacramento Brewing check out: Sacramento Brewing History 

From Brewery to the Bee

The Building Plans for the Sacramento Bee HQ are dated July 1950 and the Building was completed in 1952.  The Printing plant was housed in the basement of the building with the offices above.  In 1982, the Printing plant was built, and the Sac Bee expanded its operations into the Basement.  

2021: Sacramento Bee consolidates into 10,000 square feet at the Cannery Development at Alhambra and Folsom Boulevard.  2100 Q will be 100% vacant as of July 30.  

For more information regarding 2100 Q or you would like to take a walk through, please contact Tom Bacon at [email protected] or call (916) 761-1202