Rotary Is Not Just Lunch

Sacramento Rotary currently has about 300 members. Worldwide there are over 1.2 million Rotarians. Rotary International is tackling Polio, helping impoverished villages in third world countries build irrigation infrastructure and teaching children to read.  In Sacramento, since the 1920s, Rotary has been helping many deserving charities. Today we are in the midst of a significant fundraiser for the Sacramento Children’s Home Crisis Nursery. The Crisis Nursery has been helping families in distress since 1867. Here is a story about one family the Crisis Nursery helped:

“Brittany called the Crisis Nursery in desperation. She had come to Sacramento to make a fresh start only to have her housing fall through. None of Brittany’s friends in the area were able to take her or her two young children in. Thankfully, the Crisis Nursery was there to give her kids a safe, nurturing place to stay while she worked to better her situation. The kids especially enjoyed playing outside, riding in the wagon, and drawing with chalk. Brittany visited her children often while she searched for permanent child care and a new home, spending quality time with her kids whenever she could. Meanwhile, Crisis Nursery staff put Brittany in touch with vital community resources to help her find safe, stable housing. At the end of the kids’ stay, Brittany was overjoyed to have the children come to their new home. She was ready to begin her new life in Sacramento, and she thanked the Crisis Nursery staff for taking such good care of her children in her time of need.”

Not everyone can join Rotary, but I am amazed how many people contribute to Rotary’s causes, particularly the Crisis Nursery. On October 6th Sacramento Rotary is hosting The Sacramento Century in Downtown Sacramento. All the proceeds are earmarked for the Sacramento Children’s Home Crisis Nursery. If you would like to contribute, it is not too late to sign up for the ride. If you are not quite ready to hop on the bike, you can contribute to the cause by clicking on this link: Donate to the Crisis Nursery

While Rotary is not my day job, I really enjoy helping disadvantaged youth, sharing lunch with many of Sacramento’s leaders and participating in a variety of fun events that Rotary sponsors.  Rotary is a daily reminder how lucky we all are, and Rotary gives us the opportunity to help others that may not be so well off.

See you October 6th!