There are many aspects associated with an office relocation or long range strategic facility plan that an Executive Director must consider. With a nonprofit, the mission of the organization must be the priority. When you are represented by Tom Bacon, you can rest assured that your organization’s mission and harmony will be preserved.

Over the years, I have worked with organizations in Sacramento that have stopped and started facility relocations. In most cases, an organization stops a facility relocation process because the upfront work was not thoughtfully completed. While at first glance relocation may seem like a great way to go, after a complete analysis, it may be concluded that staying put and re-organizing work space is the best course of action.

It is virtually impossible for an Executive Director to effectively orchestrate a strategic plan and facility relocation.

At Bacon Commercial Real Estate, our role is to quarterback the process to ensure that everyone within the organization involved are provided a clear and objective analysis, with no transaction agenda. Bacon Commercial Real Estate seeks to understand all the participants’ roles and acts as intermediary between the organization’s strategic committee and the various trades, such as architects, attorneys, financial consultants, and developers.

Bacon Commercial Real Estate synthesizes all of the data so that your organization can move ahead with a clear road map. In the majority of cases, a renewal/lease renegotiation is the most compelling choice. However, if it is determined that it is in the best interest of the organization to relocate, then the relocation process will be orchestrated by Bacon Commercial Real Estate.

Bacon Commercial Real Estate in Sacramento CA

Non-Profit Differentiation

Typically, there are a minimal amount of layers to the decision-making process when it comes to private sector entities. With a nonprofit organization, you have several layers.

These Layers Include:

  • The Executive Director
  • The Board
  • Staff
  • Donors
  • Affiliated Nonprofits
  • Governmental Agencies (Funding)
  • The Public and Those Served

Tom Bacon is the ideal team member to ensure that each layer is kept in the loop. Not only does Bacon orchestrate the transaction, but we also work hard to make the Executive Director look good. The Processes of renewing and relocating are very similar. Even if you think it is likely your organization will renew, you still need to go through the process of evaluating the market and survey the options. Bacon will orchestrate the process to ensure that your organization is treated fairly and secures a good deal.

Contact Tom Bacon for all of your Sacramento Commercial Real Estate needs. Allow us to provide you with the same unmatched Commercial Real Estate Solutions that have allowed owners and occupiers to find success since 1984.