Sacramento Delivers, Private Sector Grows

Jeff Randle of Randle Communications stated in his December 2015 editorial, “I believe 2016 will determine Sacramento’s future. Decisions made by our leaders plus choices made by residents will set a course for generations to come.” See the editorial from the Business Journal: Key issue of 2016: private-sector growth Of course, I completely agree, but

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Sacramento Walks, California shots, USA

It’s not the Gold Rush but for Sacramento, it may be the next best thing

It’s not the Gold Rush……. Gradual Value Appreciation? I think not. Property is selling in the Midtown and Downtown Markets (The Core) for prices that are justified by increased demand for housing in Core, the development of the Arena and a multitude of other developments (see this October 14 Post on Urban Land Value. Believe

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Commercial Property Owners Targeted in Effort to Change Proposition 13

Over 30 years ago, voters passed Proposition 13 in response to unpredictable tax increases imposed on property in this state.  Prop. 13 set a base rate of taxation and limited annual increases in assessed value.  This protection continues today for all residential, commercial and industrial properties. Year after year, legislation is introduced to increase taxes

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